Game of Thrones parenting recap – season six, episode eight

It’s time to tune back into Game of Thrones and the world of Westeros, parenting style. We’re into episode eight of season six and the Seven Kingdoms are still at war, with so many stories it’s almost impossible to keep up.

But here’s all the parenting tips we discovered from last night’s episode, “The Limits of Violence”.

As suggested, violence is clearly the name of the game this week as Cersei, Arya and The Hound all choose violence to solve their problems. Probably not the best lesson to be teaching our kids, however, we did still learn a few other good ones from this episode.

Let’s recap, shall we?

The Riverlands

game of thrones episode eight

The Hound is on a mission to destroy and with his axe, he is pretty much unstoppable. He murders several of the men in the Brotherhood Without Banners before meeting with the leader of the clan, Beric Dondarrion to have a bite to eat and pee in the stream. Clearly all that axe swinging built up an appetite.

Parenting lesson #1 – It’s important to finish the day with a good meal. After all kids, food is fuel. 


Over in Meereen, Tyrion continues his quest to drink himself stupid and finally convinces Grey Worm and Missandei to join him. The conversation is slightly more lively than usual until the slavemasters arrive to bombard the city.

In all her awesomeness, Daenerys shows up to most certainly save the day and we are once again reminded that the lady with the dragons is the star of the show. Now, please, Daenerys, get on your dragon and fly West. There’s only so much friendly banter between Grey Worm and Tyrion that fans can handle.

Parenting lesson #2 – A matriarch can sense when her family (or mates) are in trouble.


In what appears to finally be the end of the completely irrelevant Braavos plotline, Arya seeks solace after her stabbing from the actress who plays Cersei (Lady Crane) in the play. Lady Crane treats her wounds and saves her from death, so, naturally, she is killed in a horrifying way.

Fully healed Arya finally gets her revenge on the creepy girl who follows her around and announces her decision to return to Westeros (two seasons too late, but, we’ll take it). Welcome back Arya Stark. You’ve been missed.

We’re hoping a reunion with Sansa and Arya is coming… but probably not until at least Season 37.

Parenting lesson # 3 – Children may get lost along their journey, but they will never forget where they came from. 

King’s Landing

King Tommen may be the sweetest little king of Westeros, but he is also a stupid one. He proves this once again by announcing the marriage between the throne and the faith and basically stabbing his mother in the back.

With her incredible piece of mountainous man meat (also known as The Mountain) backing her, Cersei had the trial by combat locked in the bag. But, alas, King Tommen decides violence is not the answer and he would rather feed his poor mother to a group of old religious men.

Thanks a lot, son.

Parenting lesson #4 – No matter how you raise them, you can’t always prevent your children from making grave mistakes. Instead, all you can do is stand and watch. And drink red wine. 


got episode eight 1

We finally get the reunion we’ve been waiting for between Jaime and Brienne of Tarth, who discuss the future and the love for the people they care about. Jaime’s sword may belong to Brienne but his heart will always be with Cersei and House Lannister. So sweet.

And so wrong.

Brienne attempts to take over Riverrun and fails miserably before fleeing with Podrick in the world’s slowest row boat. Maybe they will run into Gendry along the way. He has been rowing for three seasons so far, surely he’s due to arrive back into the show soon.

Parenting lesson # 5 – “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…’ never gets old.

There are still a few more episodes in this season so stay tuned for more recaps and perhaps the epic battle between fire and ice that has to eventually surface. Until then, be sure to check out our Game of Thrones portal for all things GoT.

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