Game of Thrones guide to parenting – Season 6, Episode 6

Another week, another episode of Game of Thrones to dissect and discuss. This week in our favourite serial killing series, we witness minimal deaths (the only characters to lose their lives are some nasty wights) and we learn a thing or two about the importance of extended families, no matter how weird they are.

Stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet. We don’t want to be responsible for ruining everything for you (that’s Bran’s job anyway).

A long-lost uncle returns to save the day and we are treated to the grumblings of several old men in Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6, “Blood of my Blood”.

North of the Wall

Episode 6 starts where last week’s episode left off – in the forest with Meera struggling to drag an unresponsive Bran through the snow. For someone who just caused his mate’s death, you’d think he would be a little more present.

But nope, instead we see his mind’s flashbacks which focus on a whole lot of blood, wildfire (the green smoky stuff) and deaths from the past. Bran’s newly appointed “three-eyed Raven” title will be important, I’m sure, but I’m still so cross at him it’s hard to care.

Just as Meera and Bran are about to be wight fodder, a dark-haired man on a horse rescues them. Yes, that’s right – it’s Uncle Benjen, who has been off screen for five long seasons and looks a little worse for wear after being stabbed by a white walker and then stabbed again by a tree person.

But Benjen is back and it’s always nice to see characters from the first season (in happier Winterfell days) reunited.

Parenting lesson # 1-  When things get rough, you can always rely on family. And uncles are awesome.

Horn Hill


Speaking of reunions, next comes the world’s most awkward dinner over at Horn Hill where we meet Sam’s parents for the first time. And isn’t Dad a delight! Before insulting Gilly and kicking Sam out, Dad (Lord Randyll) takes a stab at Sam’s weight and his uselessness.

So Sam takes his dad’s prize possession and leaves with his adorable wilding family. Nawwwww.

Parenting lesson # 2 – If you disrespect your son’s Mrs, there’s a good chance he’ll walk away.

At King’s Landing

Grumbly old men continue to populate Westeros with the High Sparrow smirking his way through another public speech, convincing the young Queen and King to join his cult.

As the Lannisters and Tyrells team up to save the day, King Tommen has other plans. He and Margaery appear to have found the faith, leaving Uncle Jaime and Mace Tyrell shaking their feathered-helmeted heads.

King Tommen returns to the throne where he sends his dad/uncle away and where he continues to disappoint his mother. Poor Cersei – this is the second son that has chosen a female over the Lannister name.

I cannot believe I’m writing this, but I kind of miss Joffrey. At least he had some spunk to him.

Parenting lesson # 3 – You have to let your kids make their own decisions, even if you think they’re the wrong ones.

At The Twins

walder frey

We return to the halls of Riverlands, where the awfulness of the Red Wedding still stains the halls and the always-pleasant Walder Frey is still perched at the front table, barking orders and sneering at his sons. He growls about his sons losing Riverrun, recalls his glory days at the Red Wedding and then reveals a missing Edmure Tully.

For all sleep-deprived parents out there that were staring at the screen at this stage wondering who in the world this man is (and secretly wishing it was somehow Robb Stark), let me break it down for you. Edmure Tully was the lucky lad who got to choose the least ugly Frey daughter to marry at the Red Wedding. He is the younger brother of Catelyn Stark and Lysa Tully and thus a fairly essential pawn in Frey’s plan to take Riverrun.

Parenting lesson # 4 – Father doesn’t always know best, especially when he is a raging psychopath who is in desperate need of a dentist and a shower. 


arya stark 1

Back at Braavos we see a glimmer of the spunky Arya Stark of the past before she became a slave to No One. Hopefully she can escape the Black and White weirdos and return to the remaining Stark clan.

A reunion with The Hound would be nice too. (Yes, I know what happened, but I’m holding out hope he’s not actually dead).

Parenting lesson # 5 – Children may choose different paths than their parents, but at the end of the day, they will return to their roots.


Over on the other side of the world, Daenerys is still leading her army through the red desert pondering her options for world domination.

She reunites with her dragon who appears to be over his teenage tantrums and ready to help his mum. Mum delivers the ultimate pep talk to her tribe atop her dragon’s back and we are left begging with the producers of the show to please, please, please, let Daenerys arrive at Westeros sometime soon.

Parenting lesson # 6 – Never give up on your children, even when they turn into hormonal grumpy teenagers. Because, one day they will return – wiser, stronger, loyal and grateful to be part of your tribe.

Stay tuned for next week’s parenting recap of Game of Thrones and check out our GoT portal for more recaps, fun finds and parenting tips from the GoT gang.


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