Gadgets from our childhood that our kids will never know

What do you mean people used to contact one another through a miniature vibrator attached to their belt buckles? Return to the world of pagers, pay phones and ten other items from our childhood that would baffle children today.

Ever tried to explain to your kids what it was like researching for a school assignment? Or how you used to contact your parents when away from home? How about what you listened to on road trips before the iPhone? Take a trip down memory lane with these obsolete items from our childhood that our kids will never experience.

Go ahead… describe these familiar items to your kids and see whether they think you have lost the plot.

It’s one of those old fashioned phones.

It’s a really loud keyboard and printer in one.

What’s even scarier is that many kids will probably be unfamiliar with a desktop computer in a few years as most schools head into the land of iPads, laptops and individual electronic devices.

gadgets one

It’s a book that stores memories in individual photo holders.

When was the last time you actually printed off the photos from your phone and placed them into a photo album? It’s been a few years here.

gardgets four

It’s a collection of your favourite songs that can only be played in a certain order.

Want to baffle them even more – try to explain to them how a mix tape is made.

gadgets 13

It’s a device that allows you to walk while listening to the above item on the go.

And what made them even more awesome was that they came with a handle that connected the Walkman to your pants. And heavily padded ear phones. Extra convenience. Extra comfort.

gadgets five

It’s a small square disk that allows you to transfer files from one computer to another, similar to a USB but three times its size and one squillion times smaller in hard disk space.

And, to make things even more confusing, they are called floppy disks. Go figure.

gadgets 10

It’s a device that holds six hours of video so you can play it back later on.

And it’s called a tape.

gadgets 11

It’s a pack of 52 cards with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs on them, used to play countless different games for entertainment purposes.

You can touch them. You can shuffle them. You can hold them in your hands. And play against other people, not just animated people on the screen.

gardgets eights

They are coins valued at one and two cents.

Boggles the mind right?

gadgets two

It’s a collection of hard-cover alphabetised books that tell you about everything about life.

Say what?

gadgets six

It’s a black and green version of your school white board

And it comes complete with a chalk eraser.

gadgets 12

Do you remember these items or have they slipped from your memory?  Think about some of the items that our grandchildren may not ever get to experience –  like a book with actual pages. Or a DVD. Or a newspaper. Or a calculator. Or cash even….

What other things do we rely on today that may not exist down the road?

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