G-reat diapers

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Up until now there has only really been two choices in diapers — disposable or cloth. Disposables are bad for the environment and costly; cloth well, in drought-stricken Austriala they might not even be such a green option.

If gDiapers are as good as they claim to be, this is a breakthrough! These little gems consist of three parts – a washable, cotton outer ìlittle gî pant, a snap-in waterproof liner and a plastic-free flushable diaper refill made from sustainably-farmed wood fluff pulp. The flushable component can be literally flushed down the toilet (thus not added to mounting landfill problems). They can even be added to garden composts (breaking down in 50-150 days!

Aussie couple Jason and Kim Graham-Nye have designed gDiapers according to Cradle to Cradle design principles, so everything that goes into their manufacture gets
re-absorbed back into the eco-system. Check the website for lots more information, including videos on how to use them.

The gDiaper starter kit ($US26.99) comes with two pairs of ìlittle gî pants, 10 flushable diaper refills, a swishstick and a Handy User’s Guide.  

The catch?  Well there really isn’t one. From gDiapers and they will ship to Australia.  

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