Funny video: Mums go head to head with their little fussy eaters. Fail miserably.

Do you ever have those days where you offer your children meal after meal after meal and they turn their nose up at each one? Then this latest parody from Laughing Moms will have you cheering with laughter.

Using the music from popular Magic! song, “Rude,” the Laughing Moms duo pulls off a brilliant video that combines something most mums know all too well – a child’s refusal to eat anything offered – with a classic boxing match scenario. It’s punchy, it’s sassy; and it’s right on the money.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the main event of the night – the highly anticipated and accurate account of fussy eaters.

In the first corner, standing at an estimated 165 centimetres each, armed with healthy snacks, aprons, pink gloves and representing chalkboard one, we’ve got the mums.

In the other corner, standing at an estimated  120 centimetres each, armed with persistence and a passion for junk food, and representing chalkboard two, we’ve got the kids.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!

boxing match 1

Round one: Breakfast – mum pulls out a delicious French toast and egg dish or healthy oatmeal. But the kids’ sway the offer with a double no and a double punch to the breakfast menu. Mum comes out of nowhere with waffles and fresh fruit. Again, the kids take her down with a refusal to eat anything but nuggets and cheese goldfish. And mum is down for the count!

Round two: Lunch – mum is back in the ring with a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hummus and veggies. All three kids attack with a triple gagging sound. Wow, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Mum’s down, but not out. Her stamina is never ending as she tries again with celery, soup and even pulls out her signature move – cereal. But the kids are on fire today. It’s processed fruit snacks or mac and cheese. And again, the kids take the round!

Round three: Junk Food – it’s official, ladies and gentlemen. The day is over and the kids have destroyed the mums in what can only be called the upset of the day. We’re predicting a lot of sore tummies for the kids tonight and a few glasses of wine for the mums to mourn the loss of yet another perfectly good attempt to get their kids to eat their meals.

Do meal times turn into a full blown boxing match in your household? Who usually wins?

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