Funky Lunch – sandwiches to thrill


Take a look at the Funky Lunch sandwich design website and I guarantee you’ll be inspired in some way. Either to make a masterpiece of a sandwich for your little guy or girl like the ones pictured in their gallery or like me, to just be inspired to mix up the lunchbox a bit.

I will freely admit that when I first saw the imaginative sandwiches made up by Funky Lunch I was overcome with the amount of work involved to create them. ‘Hours’ I was thinking. And then after that, I wouldn’t want my little girl to eat all my hard work! I’d want to somehow preserve it so every single family member and friend could see my out-of-this-world sandwich. Of course, that is not the purpose of the Funky Lunch website so I’ll just stick to admiring from afar.

Their goal is to help parents with fussy eaters and children in general to eat a varied and healthy lunch. Lots of fun injected is the way to go with most kiddies and I don’t think I know any child who could resist a giraffe or ‘Charlie and Lola’ sandwich.

Funky Lunch hopes to produce a how-to book of their funky creations and to make this happen, word needs to spread. Pass their website onto friends or join their Facebook group to add your support.

(Via Ohdeedoh)


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