Fun Finnish threads for kids from Aarrekid


Finnish children’s clothing seems to have a monopoly on cute. From friendly monsters to bang on trend stripes, this label has it all – and plenty of cute to boot.

Aarrekid set out to make clothing which children love (because it’s so darn adorable) and parents covet because of its quality. And you know what? They succeeded.


The designs that Aarrekid include in its clothing ensure that children can be comfortable, have fun and express themselves through their threads. This is because the label tries to include things like creatures, animals and monsters in its designs.


The monster design is my hands-down favourite. I love that it’s a playful take on something that is often frightening for children. As they say, if you can’t beat them – join them (or in this case, wear them)! The designs start in the smallest wares for babies including mittens and booties all the way up to clothing for children. Here is how designer Piia Keto describes the creation of the monster’s collection:

This print was made in the wintry Finland during the darkest time of the year. Bugaboos tried to trick me all the time while I was drawing them. They tried to run away and fool me, but I finally got them on fabric.

Bugaboos are wild creatures that wander around the world among people. Open your eyes to see them as they are – kind, lively beings that never stop making tricks!


The prices range from around €40 for a dress, and about €30 for a tee. The gorgeous baby blankets, which make great wraps, cost €42.50. Shipping to Australia is available.



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