Frightening roast lamb demo proves the deadly danger of leaving a child in a car

Celebrity chef Matt Moran has cooked up a shocking demonstration to show how deadly it is to leave a child in a car – by roasting a lamb loin inside a parked car at Bondi Beach.

The unconventional oven was a family car. Together with Kidsafe (The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia), Moran was all too easily able to show how quickly the inside of a car hits roasting temperatures on a sunny day – the car’s inside temperature peaked at 83°C.

Moran put two lamb loins inside the car and added nothing but olive oil, using the car’s extreme heat to cook them. Both sides of lamb were removed after 90 minutes and Moran said they were “totally overdone”.


Kidsafe spokesperson Kellie Wilson said that in 12 months Ambulance Victoria reported 1165 cases of children left unattended in a car in that state alone. “It’s estimated that each year approximately 5000 children nationally are rescued from hot cars,” Ms Wilson says.

In New South Wales, 2200 children were rescued from cars in 2013, and up to five children a day are rescued from vehicles in Queensland.

Research shows that temperatures inside parked cars can be 20°C-30°C hotter than external temperatures.

“Seventy-five per cent of the temperature rise occurs within the first five minutes of parking the car and 90 per cent within 15 minutes,” Ms Wilson says.

The video states: “Reaches temperature in minutes, maintains stable temperature throughout. This is no ordinary oven – it’s an ordinary car”. Watch the video to see the shocking result for yourself:

As a father, Moran is “gobsmacked” at the number of children left in cars. “I couldn’t believe it, I think Australia needs to know it is not safe, at any point in time, to leave a kid in a car. It is like an oven,” he says.


Even on a cooler day, temperatures inside a car can reach 70°C.

The message from the demonstration is clear: “Keep your kids safe this summer. Keep them with you.”

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