Free the lipple?! These bizarre singing boobs want your attention

A breast singing into a microphone

As Facebook and Instagram censor nipples and boobs willy-nilly, these singing breasts have apparently set out on an important quest…

Free the nipple!

You probably know that the social media giants are pretty serious about keeping nipples off their platforms. This is not only a thorn in the side of the normalise breastfeeding movement, it may prevent vital visual messages about breast cancer from being shared across the socials. 

Some people are fighting back against this no nipple trend. Ad agency David’s for instance. They tell us they are attempting to tackle the nipple-nixing problem, while still drawing attention to their client’s latest breast cancer awareness campaign. We can’t help but notice they’re doing it in a SUPER weird way. 

Argentina’s wonderful Breast Cancer Help Movement (MACMA) are the focus of this mouthy boob spectacle. Seeking to side-step the nipple-ban, this mostly male-conceived, now-viral video simply replaces the nipples on breasts with… mouths. 

The results are hard to ignore. Especially when they are singing.

“Censorship in social media is still an issue,” David’s executive creative directors, Joaquín Cubría and Ignacio Ferioli, explained in a statement on the campaign, Ad Week reports.

They say their mouthy, musical boobs get around the nipple ban –  in the quest for the greater good.

“That has led us to look for new ways of bypassing it, this time by showing boobs to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of what we love, and of providing financial support to those who work on early detection.”


Surprisingly not everyone is loving the singing boobs. Nu-uh. Nope. Some thought the clip minimised and sexualised an important issue and was a misguided waste of important funds.

“This is insulting and ridiculous. We need to save LIVES not breasts. Sexualizing a disease is so disturbing. And what about the people who have had their breasts removed due to cancer? Does that make them less of a person because they lack breasts? You want to raise awareness? For what? How is this disturbing add raising awareness?”

“I don’t know how I feel about this it’s making me super uncomfortable,” another commenter wrote.

“As adorable as this is, it’s absurd that this even has to be a platform. Do we really have money  to waste on the “right” to show female nipples and not research for metastatic cancer. CGI isn’t cheap! That’s a lot of money that could have gone into research. Research that could have saved the 108 people that died just today of metastatic breast cancer. They didn’t die from a lump in their breast. No one does. Their Breast cancer spread to other parts of their body. There is no cure yet for stage 4, but at least we have singing boobs,” one clever woman pointed out.

The boobs do look weirdly butchered, Frankenstein-ish and unsettling. The women featured are reduced to breasts only and we’re not convinced this is promoting much other than boob ridicule, quite frankly.

How about you?

So what do you think? Is this ad a complete misfire? Or does every little bit in the flight against cancer help?

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