Frank Hooks animal hooks have storage hangups sorted

Frank Hooks storage

Frank Hooks storage

If you’re the kind of person who has ever wanted to buy a goldfish and call it Kevin, we have found a wall hook you are going to love. His name is Frank.

Frank (below, in green) is the firstborn wall hook of Brooklyn, US-based company Frank Hooks, and in some ways, he’s nothing special. Powder-coated steel with a couple of well placed screws, he started life as a Kickstarter project which quickly grew to become a company with some pretty special hooks. He was soon joined by five friends (including my favourites, Emma the Elephant, and Jenny the Hedgehog). But I think you’ll agree, he has a fair bit of personality!

Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of things to hang up in any house. Wall hooks are always going to be a useful investment, and moreover, they’re one of the easiest ways to get children to pick things up. But these hooks are cool enough to look good in any room, and their quirky faces staring you down will make it hard to get annoyed about things left on the floor.

What I really love about these hooks is that they are so simple and yet make such a statement. What’s more – they’re properly affordable. Although small, they each have a load capacity of almost seven kilograms, which means they can take a fair bit of punishment, and they range in price from US$15-$30. Each of the six designs is available in six different colours.

You can buy Frank and his friends directly from Frank Hooks, which ships to Australia, takes PayPal, and even has a handy shipping calculator so you can get an estimate on shipping before you commit.

Frank Hooks storage

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