Four-year-olds adorably fail the mannequin challenge

As the latest viral challenge sweeps the globe, a preschool in the US has attempted the impossible – get a room of four-year-olds to stand perfectly still like mannequins.

We don’t know what is more hilarious, the epic but totally adorable fail captured on video – or the fact someone thought this might actually work. Either way, it certainly made us smile.

 We’ve seen crazes such as planking, teapotting and the Harlem Shake.

Some have been for good causes such as the ice bucket challenge, and all have gone viral.

The latest instalment is the mannequin challenge, where participants stand as still as statues while someone films the entire scene frozen in time.

The very concept should scream ‘not for small children’ but a preschool in the US has given it a red hot go.

Check out the oh-so-cute result in this Youtube video.

The tots from One Step Ahead Learning Center in East Orange, New Jersey blink, wobble, fidget and sway unlike any mannequin we’ve ever seen.

But there is no doubt they have the cute factor down pat.

The latest craze has seen celebrities and even the White House get involved.

Outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in this video shared to Twitter.

If you have given the mannequin challenge a go, we would love to see the result.

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