Four-year-old tests mum’s expensive make-up, hilarity ensues

As a mum, most days there’s a moment when you weigh up your need for a shower, and the possibility that your child could destroy the entire house in the five minutes they will be unsupervised. For this UK mum, that much-needed shower turned into the annihilation of her prized, expensive make-up collection. But she has somehow been able to turn her four-year-old’s make-up mayhem into a hilariously positive review.

Sarah Chrisp is a huge devotee of make-up brand Urban Decay, so much so she’d been toying with the idea of doing a product review. But her young son Damian beat her to the punch.

“This morning while I was taking a shower, my 4 year old son decided he wanted to test some of your products, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write that review of your Naked eyeshadow palettes (yes, plural) since I’m unlikely to test them to such extremes,” she explained in a Facebook post to Urban Decay.

Hi Urban Decay! I'm a big fan of your products, so much so, I use ONLY UD eyeshadow and mascara. I've debated doing a…

Posted by Sarah Chrisp on Thursday, 26 May 2016

She listed a series of rigorous tests Damian had put the products through, including longevity – which was demonstrated by the extreme length of time it took to wash the eyeshadow off.

“Versatility: Damian was able to use your eyeshadow as lipstick, eyeliner, nail varnish, floor polish, emulsion, hair dye, and you can see how well he was able to fill in his eyebrows! 10/10 for being multipurpose!”

The tongue-in-cheek review was met with a lovely response from the company: “Thanks for sharing Sarah Chrisp – it looks like your son is still learning his technique, but top marks for effort. If you DM us with your details we’d love to send you some UD goodies. Love UD x”

The post has now become a highly successful, albeit accidental, public relations exercise for Urban Decay, while Damian is apparently finding all of the attention very funny – as any four-year-old would!

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