4 important things to say to your daughter before she becomes a mum

What can you possibly say to your little girl to capture everything you feel, as she embarks on her journey towards motherhood? We’ve put together four pieces of advice that every mum has within her and that every mother-to-be needs to hear.


Whether your daughter is still in nappies or heading off to uni, there is no denying how quickly she is growing up. Before you know it she will be exploring the world, making decisions (both good and bad) and starting a family of her own.

It may seem like ages away, or you may already be on the threshold of this new stage of life – when your little baby is about to have a baby of her own! In case words are failing you, here are some pearls of wisdom for your not-so-little girl:


Trust your instinct.

Parenting trends come and go. Studies on what is right and wrong change constantly. What matters is that you are doing what you think is right and what you think is best for your baby. Your job is to keep your baby content and safe, whether this entails breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, swaddling, or whatever else you choose to use and do.

Take all advice in stride and adapt it to your situation. And trust yourself. You’ve got this.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Embrace it instead.

It can be hard not to feel overwhelmed, especially when running on very little sleep. You will probably discover a whole new world of emotions that only a mother can feel – the guilt of having to leave your baby, even if it’s only for an hour, the concern that your baby’s cough is more than just a cold, amazing pride when your child smiles at you.

Focus on the good and roll with the bad. It’s the good memories that last anyway. And the bad moments will make great stories one day.

Remember how important you are (and how much you are loved).

Take care of yourself! Because soon you will have a little one who needs you more than anyone else does. This can be daunting but it’s also the greatest feeling on earth. And it’s a feeling that never goes away, no matter how old your child gets.

The love you will feel for your child makes it easy to forget about anything else, to want to be there for him or her, no matter what.

But, dear daughter, if you don’t put your own health and happiness first sometimes, then you can’t be your best for your baby. Take time for yourself. Take time for just you and your partner. Find a balance that works for you.

No matter what, I am only a phone call away.

Some days it’s easier to push everyone away. And that’s okay. It’s okay to cry, to scream and to need to escape once in a while. But just remember, you have a world of support, from your friends, from your partner and especially from me.

If you need someone to give you a break at 4am, I will be there. If you need to call and yell at someone, I will be there. If you need a chef, a cleaner, a chauffeur or someone to simply sit with you, I will be there.

All you need to do is ask. Just don’t call me Grandma when you do!

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