Form and function

My one-year old has just worked out how to wiggle out of the straps in her highchair and she now enjoys standing up on the seat, and alarmingly, leaning back and dangling her food from her crows-nest perch.

Why children’s high chairs are so high is a question I’ve never quite understood. Okay granted we’d like kids to sit comfortably at our table height, but we do we have to forgo basic safety instincts?

Frank & Stanimira Rafaschieri has finally designed a high chair that not only looks good, but accommodates for the adapting needs of parents and babies.

Components of the evolutionary chair can be piled on top of each other and manipulated to make eight different combinations — including a high chair, small chair and low table. It is intended for use between the ages of six months all the way to six years.

They have also designed a very practical walled diaper change table which can be used for the entire duration that your child wears nappies. There’s even a place for the adult to sit while changing the baby, and the walled section can later be reversed to fit into the seat. Later the whole unit can be used as a table or seating. Now that’s comfort.

(Via Mocoloco)


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