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Sometimes I’m amazed at the amount of stuff I’ve got going on next to my daughter’s cot just to get her to sleep. There’s a night light, an ipod, a heater, a baby monitor, and of course – a big pile of cords wrapped up on the floor. And you can imagine the fun I have trying to unplug something by the light of the night light!

So I am thinking these Dotz entertainment identifiers might help simplify things somewhat. Reusable, coloured dots you can stick on cords to identify them easily, each pack of 10 dotz comes with 24 ready-to-go icons and 12 do-it-yourself icons. There’s one for everything from woofers to projectors.

It’s such a simple idea but I can’t believe no one’s thought of it before! Dotz will keep you cords safely organised – and help you identify which leads not to unplug at crucial moments!

A pack will set you back US$9.99 and you can order them through the website. They’re currently upgrading their international shipping policies, but if you’re keen to order, you can drop them a line at

If you’re a fiend for organisation (and let’s face it, when you’re a mum, it becomes pretty important), you may also want to check out Stick’n Go. It’s the small things that make all the difference.

dotz entertainment

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