A laundry-folding robot? Sign us up!

Sure, there are wearables that tell you how little sleep you had last night, and machines that slice and dice, cook and serve, and do the washing up, but this one just might rival them all: the FoldiMate Family, a robotic laundry-folding machine.

Folks, try to form an orderly queue; we all need this magical robot in our lives.

How many baskets of clean, unfolded washing are lurking around your house? At mine, the kids like to upend them and leap into clean shirts and socks like they’re piles of lavender-scented leaves.

Foldimate chaos laundry

Set to be released in 2018, the FoldiMate promises to change everything we know about laundry. This diabolical little robot will dewrinkle and fold clothes, and it will even give them a spritz of fragrance if you’re into that.

We wonder if you can program it to fold in the Marie Kondo method. Maybe that’s a 2019 update.

At a price point of $700-$850 we think the FoldiMate is worth every penny. The only thing that would make it better would be if it put the clothes away. In the meantime, we doggedly continue to train the kids to do that bit of work. So far, it’s not going very well.

Pre-orders start in 2017. If you’re interested – of course you’re interested! – register for updates.

(via Incredible Things)

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