Flux – designer baby safety!


sure beats those ugly door stoppers we’re used to buying from the supermarket. Inject a little imagination into an ordinary object and it’ll be a sure-fire winner among us design-conscious parents.

Now baby’s fingers will be safe from entrapment as he explores the terrain around the doors within your home. And you don’t have to sacrifice your impeccable style nor break the bank. You won’t need to throw them away once baby has grown up either – they’ll still be handy for that laundry door that slams shut!

Thanks to sturdy but flexible plastic, the Flux will fit any type of
door or window, gripping without marking or causing damage. They look
like colourful apostrophes or little birdies, and will add a fun element
to your home whilst protecting your ‘younguns’. Choose from white, orange, yellow, black, green, red, blue and beige – wowsers, there sure are enough colours to suit everyone.

My youngest is into everything right now and loves to play around doors, opening and shutting them. Of course he’s supervised closely, however it would be nice if I could relax a little more at this stage of his life. It gets particularly hairy when you add a three year old into the mix. I think a few Flux will be heading my way.

£2.97 plus shipping from Amazon.

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