Are flower-filled milk baths the prettiest baby photography trend ever?

Photographer Tiffany Burke is putting the prettiest spin on pregnancy and newborn photography that we ever did see. The Seattle-based creative is popping mums-to-be and new babies into milky baths brimming with fresh flowers and the results are as gorgeous as they are magical.



Capture the calm

Milk bath photography trail-blazer, Tiffany says the ethereal shots capture women in a unique and feminine way.

“I love the calm and organic look shown in milk bath photography,” Tiffany told Woman’s Day. “The photos show a very feminine, ethereal wait before a baby is born. I’m really drawn to color design and the way a photo makes you feel when you see the images. An expecting mother is strikingly beautiful and this felt like an artistic way to showcase that.”

These pretty captures have sparked a viral trend, with mums-to-be across the globe requesting similar shots after seeing Tiffany’s originals on Instagram.



Try it at home

If you’re not keen to enlist the help of a professional, Tiffany has helpfully created a comprehensive milk-bath photography how-to, so you can DIY this look at home.

Here are a few of her pointers to get you started:

  • Use whole milk, but add some powdered milk to enhance opaqueness.
  • Pop in some flowers or other props to add texture and colour.
  • Think about including some foliage for a pop of green.
  • Stationery items like sticky tape and BluTac can help secure props.
  • Wardrobe is important. Think about the pretty fabrics the photo’s subject could wear.

While this dreamy milk bath trend apparently has the added bonus of helpfully nourishing the skin, the pictures are most certainly reward enough and will be treasured for generations to come.

Follow Tiffany Burke on Instagram or Facebook to see more of her beautiful work.

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