Five very good reasons to buy more toys!


There are three things in life I hold true. You can never be too rich, you can never be too happy… and you can never have enough storage for your kids’ toys. Of course, I’m not talking those ugly plastic containers with annoying cartoon characters plastered on the sides. No. What I’m really thinking is something more along the lines of these stunning fabric storage cubes from Babyology favourite DwellStudios.

The cubes – unveiled for the first time in Australia here on Babyology – are made from heavy duty canvas so you can be sure the sides won’t keel over or collapse when odd-shaped toys get thrown in. And like everything from DwellStudios, they look fantastic. There are five different patterns and colours to choose from but should you need more than one bin to hold all your brood’s toys, you don’t even need to stick with the same design. DwellStudios’ designers, in their brilliance, have made sure every pattern works well together even though they are so absolutely different and distinct.

I don’t think we even need to tell you how good they’ll look in the kids’ rooms or nursery with other coordinating items in the DwellStudios range, like the cot linens, wall canvases, kids’ bedding and other textiles that had us suitably smitten over recent months. Of course, Choc Dots or Charlotte (my favourites!) would also fit nicely in most living rooms too.

Another Babyology favourite, bebe, is one of the few stores in the country chosen to stock these storage bins so get in quick! They have just arrived in store and cost $134.95 each, with delivery free to most parts of Australia.

And while we’re talking about Dwell products that have us drooling, take a look at these to-die-for bookshelves shaped like buses, snails and elephants. Cute, cute, cute. They’re not available in Australia yet but we can all live in hope!


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