Nice wheels! 5 simple tricks to make your pram last through childhood

Mum and baby walking down street

Keeping your pram in tip-top condition might seem like an impossible feat, but it’s actually really achievable, with a bit of simple know-how. 

Here are a few stylish and helpful ways to keep your wheels looking as pristine as possible.

Not only will the following suggestions have you smugly wheeling your gorgeous tot in fine style, they’ll improve the resale value of your pram, once you are ready to part with it. Win-win!

woman and young boy walking in street pushing pram with Audrey & Me pram liner and child inside

How to keep your pram in great condition

1. Use a pram liner

We love the Audrey and Me range of 100 per cent cotton pram liners. Not only are they Australian made, they are handmade specifically to fit your pram model, in a gorgeous range of on-trend prints. Audrey and Me have over 200 pram templates on file, so you can be guaranteed they’ll line your pram perfectly! 

2. Maintain and replace pram parts before they break

If your pram’s beginning to creak or squeak, take a closer look at the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before you rendered a bit of automotive first aid. The same concept applies to smart pram maintenance.

3. Use the pram as it’s intended (i.e. don’t sit a tired toddler on top of the pram sunshade!)

While it might seem like an excellent quick fix to plonk your older child atop the pram on the (seemingly) endless walk home, it’s not doing your hardworking pusher any favours. Using your pram carefully and as it was intended will ensure it has a long life – and keep all your kiddos safe in the process.

4. Don’t use it to carry heavier loads that it has the weight capacity for

Just because your pram seems to be coping with you wheeling the entire monthly shop from supermarket to car, doesn’t mean it is coping! Pay attention to suggested weight restrictions. Adhering to them will keep your pram’s frame and wheels in peak condition for much longer.

5. Invest in accessories as you need them

Most prams have a host of optional accessories available to buy at the simple click of a mouse. Get familiar with what’s on offer because some accessories will actually prolong your pram’s lifespan and keep it it looking pristine and wheeling beautifully.

Umbrella attachments reduce wear and tear on sunshades, cupholders prevent damaging spills, stroller bags help with even weight distribution. Your pram might have other great accessories that improve its resale value, extend its life and make outings easier for you. Bonus!

A little bit of education and preparation will ensure that your pram lasts through multiple children (if that’s your situation) in fine style!

(This is a sponsored post for Audrey and Me, makers of pram liners, milestone cards, gift boxes and more)

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