Five fashion finds to keep you looking fabulous while breasfeeding

You’ve just spent nine months in a limited maternity wardrobe, and now it’s time for breastfeeding. It will only take a couple of times accidentally exposing your entire top half in public before you realise that some dedicated breastfeeding clothes might be in order. Luckily, designers have been busy creating styles that are chic, comfortable, and best of all, easy to feed in.

We love this striped dress (above) from Etsy. The feeding opening is so well camouflaged, you can’t tell there’s a front panel at all. But it’s there, making this stylish little number a great option for a quick, covered feed in public.

Boob breastfeeding top

Boob. The name is irresistibly funny, and the clothes simple and stylish. Boob makes gorgeous basic tees, long sleeved tops and jumpers in soft stretchy cotton. Every garment has a clever front panel you can lift for a quick feed that keeps your tummy covered and warm.

Mrs Smith Maternity

There’s a good reason why we talk a lot about keeping warm while feeding: it’s freezing out and spring is a long month away. Mrs Smith Maternity Breastfeeding Hoodies are a cosy alternative to tops with a lift-up panel. These Merino hoodies have side panels that follow slimming princess seams, and that make for an easy access feed.


It’s a blanket, it’s a sun cover, it’s a gorgeous scarf, it’s the Breastfeeding Scarf from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug. This generous swathe of fabric can wrap prettily around your neck, and when it’s time for a feed, the fabric unfolds into a big protective cocoon around your little milk gobbler.

maternity fashion clothing

While these coats by Mamaway aren’t technically for feeding, with the maternity panel zipped in the front, you’ll have plenty of space to feed your baby inside your coat.

Go forth and feed your babies, fabulous mamas! You’re looking smashing whatever you wear.

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