First time mum naturally delivers 5.5 kg baby girl after 45 minute labour

While women’s bodies are perfectly designed to give birth, it goes without saying that some sail through the process with more ease than others! First-time Welsh mum, Emma Hogg is certainly one of them, having just delivered a baby girl the size of an average three month old baby, without even breaking a sweat.

It took 20 minutes of dancing, a few puffs on gas and out she came! Last week Lilah Grace Simmonds surprised her parents and the entire hospital staff by not only arriving so quickly, but weighing in at an incredible 5.5 kilograms.


Most babies born this big will require a c-section but Emma didn’t even have a chance to think about her birthing options. After arriving at the hospital in Wales, a midwife put on the radio and Emma danced around the room until it was time for Lilah to make her grand appearance.

Proud new dad, Michael Simmonds, almost missed the birth as he was grabbing a bite to eat, expecting the labour to last a few hours, as it normally does for first-time mums.

“It was all over so quickly,” Emma told Wales Online. “It only lasted around 45 minutes and I don’t think I even had time to feel the pain. Everyone was saying she was a big baby.”

“I think it was because Emma was so relaxed after she’d been dancing round the room for about 20 minutes. It was unreal,” Michael adds.


Although Emma was eight days overdue, the new parents had no idea that their little girl was going to be such a big newborn – Emma’s baby bump was no bigger than average and there were no indication of Lilah’s size during the routine check-ups.

When Lilah was taken to the scales Michael and Emma overheard the nurse say “5.5”, and assumed she had meant pounds! When people in the hospital got wind of the “big baby”, the couple were inundated with staff wanting to take a peak at their newborn.

The clearly laid-back parents are now relishing in their newborn and so far Lilah, whom they have nicknamed Granny Smith and Pineapple after Emma’s pregnancy cravings, is certainly making their lives as easy as pie.

“She sleeps nine hours straight and she just doesn’t cry. She’s the perfect baby.”

Check out the adorable footage of beautiful baby Lilah and her proud parents below:

This isn’t the first time a newborn has surprised the world with an impressive weigh-in. Check out this adorable little Queenslander who was born a whooping six kilograms as well as this little dude from Perth who weighed in at 5.9 kilograms.

The average newborn weighs in around 3.35 kilograms. The biggest baby on record belonged to Carmelina Fedele from Italy, and weighed more than 10 kilograms when born in September 1955.


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