Fiona Kate – fresh ideas for porting and storing


Let’s get back to tried and true ways of storing precious things –
in solidly-made boxes that can be slipped under beds, on top of
wardrobes, and inside cupboards.

Right now at the school where I teach, the Year Six kids are gearing up for high school. The excitement is palpable as end of year performances are rehearsed in the big lead up to Presentation Day. With this big day comes lots of mementos of their time at the school, which will all need to be stored safely so it lasts a lifetime.
Fiona Kate has made a perfectly-sized Medium Box for those graduation documents, teddy bears and letters from classmates.
Alternatively, they’re great for toddler bits and bobs.

Fiona Kate makes Mini, Minor and Major Boxes (below) in blue, white, or pink – all sized for different needs. Grab some adhesive-free vinyl letters (above, right) to label the ouside of your boxes – using a yummy modern font, they’ll have a lot more impact than the old Dymo! Use them on cupboards and place them on objects around the house for early reading practice.

Fiona Kate’s String Bags (above, left) are also handy to have around – they save on plastic bags, look retro chic, and fit compactly in your handbag. At only $9.95 for a pack of two, they’re budget-friendly too. I love how the fresh colours look together – a great feature could be made with all
the Fiona Kate storage pieces placed mosaic-style in an open bookcase.

Fiona Kate’s products are lightweight and easy to post,
making for cheap
shipping not only within Australia, but also to friends and family overseas!


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