Find that perfect baby name the fun way!


If those tradtionally-structured baby name books are straining your
eyes, and you only get from A to D before zoning out, let alone
to the boys’ section, then help is at hand! Name nerds already know
there are some creative means to search for baby names
these days.

Featuring a fabulously fluidic graph called the ‘Voyager’, the
Baby Name Wizard
provides parents and name afficionados with an
easy way of viewing name usage statistics over the decades.
Type in a single letter and many names will pop up with their
popularity trajectories displayed in pink or blue in the background.
Move your cursor over the names to see their ranking decade by decade.
Of course, just plug in a single name to see it’s specific rises and
in popularity. It’s just fascinating to play with!

I have the book that partners the site. It contains ideal
sibling names and interesting comments on name character and usage in
past and
present times. There’s a mini graph that correlates with the Baby Name
Wizard Voyager and fantastic lists at the back of the book according
to style rather than alphabetic order. It’s surprising how very spot on
the author Laura Wattenberg is, in categorising hundreds of names!
My boys’ names very much fit the ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ style, as do
the other names on my lists. Sibling suggestions for my two include
Leo, Julius, Clara and Josephine.

Second time parents can sometimes be a desperate lot. We’ve already
used our very favourite name in the world – now what? That was
us in any case, and we had a lot of fun with another naming site,
Nymbler. Type in your existing child’s name and voila, Nymbler will suggest
more potential sibling names than you’ll ever be able to use! Laura Wattenburg is also
a contributor to
this ingenious site, recruited by a group of scientists disappointed with online naming resources.
Nymbler uses a ‘patented “hunch engine” – a tool that suggests ideas for people who know what they like, but don’t
necessarily know why.’ Names that you dislike or can’t use can be blocked from appearing in the results.

Check out the blogs of both sites – they make for excellent
reading. They are also continuously evolving with readers contributing
new information every day. Jennie Baird, President of the Baby Name
Wizard site also tells us that a
new suite of amazing baby naming tools will be launched very soon!

Have fun while you search for the perfect name and shelve those
alphabetised books until you’ve done your shortlist. They’re still
handy to compare name meanings and historical tidbits, but they no longer
need to be your only hope! Make the
Baby Name Wizard and
Nymbler your first ports of call when you’re looking for “The” name!


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