Fight the pregnancy slouch with Posture Mother

Pregnancy brings so many changes to a woman’s body – some are obvious such as larger breasts, a larger bottom, sometimes even swollen hands and feet. But have you spared a thought for your posture?

Posture was the last thing on my mind during my pregnancies but in hindsight, it should have been one of my priorities. The weight of my baby bump and (even more so) my ridiculously ample bosom was indeed a heavy load to carry, resulting in terrible back and shoulder pain. Had the Posture Mother been available back then, I would have nabbed myself one in a nanosecond!

Posture Mother is a neat harness design that pulls back rounding shoulders to help your body find a natural and ergonomic position. An innovative posture correcting accessory hailing from Scandinavian company Swedish Posture, I anticipate Posture Mother to have immense benefits during pregnancy and when feeding and rocking a newborn. After all, that’s a long period of time to be carrying added weight.

The Posture Mother has adjustable straps that are lightly padded for comfort and can go undetected beneath clothing. All you need do is slip it on and concentrate on straightening up!

Posture Mother is priced at $59 and available from New Fitness.

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