Feed on the go with convertible breastfeeding pillows from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Breastfeeding pillow bags from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Breastfeeding pillow bag from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Breastfeeding mums of new babies need lots of support. They need MANY drinks of water, lots of cups of tea, plenty of yummy things to eat and the occasional shoulder to cry on. Oh, and quite frequently, they need a great breastfeeding pillow like this one.

If you’ve ever breastfed a newborn baby and can cast your mind back through that sleepless fog, one of the things you’ll remember is how unexpectedly hard it can be on your back! One of the keys to successful feeding is good posture and positioning, and a tiny baby needs support to lift it a bit higher and allow you to sit up straight. When you’re at home, it’s not too hard to find a pillow or lounge cushion to do that job, but what about when you’re out on the town?

Check out these fabulous breastfeeding pillows from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug – not only are they exactly the right size and shape for feeding mums, but they convert into a bag, with a handle that will fit comfortably over your shoulder, or over the handle on your pram. Is your baby prone to bringing back up most of the feed? Not a problem, just slip out the cushion and wash the fully lined bag and you’re good to go again.

The pillow is available in three designs, each $79.95, from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug, who even sell co-ordinating bibs and breastfeeding covers.

Breastfeeding pillow bags from Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

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