Father’s letter to his daughter: ‘I’ve loved you every one of the 107,048,700 seconds since you were born’

A father’s heartfelt letter to his three-year-old daughter is shining a beautiful light on how men bond with their babies.

Australian blogger Constance Hall shared it to her website and Facebook page to reassure her predominantly female following, “some of the strongest father-child relationships took a bit of time in the beginning”.

The letter written by father-of-two Patrick O’Malley begins with a touching countdown, breaking his daughters existence into seconds, minutes, weeks, fortnights, months and years to account for every moment he has loved her.

He talks about the whirlwind his life became the moment it began to centre around this tiny little girl.

“If I had known how much I would grow to love you, I would have tried to capture the moment of your birth eloquently,” he writes.

“It was long, we were tired and you did not want to come out. I remember being so terrified, and I can remember the rubber like quality of the umbilical cord as medical grade scissors bounced off the cord with my shaking hands.

“If only I had known how much I would love you.”

Read the beautiful letter in full.

The greatest lightbulb moment comes as Patrick explains, “the gravity of this life changing event hadn’t sunk in” so how could he expect feel the strong connection many assume any new father would have with his child?

“Some parents instantly fall in love and others take time for that flame to alight. Is that an awful thing to say?,” he writes.

“Or is it so expected that we feel an instant connection with our children, that society puts us in a position of feeling like an inadequate person?

“If only I had known what would make my heart explode. Make tears well in my eyes, make my throat contract as I swallow this bulging lump.”

He confesses his fears at having a girl, in his abilities as a father and the inevitable moments of worry faced by every parent.

“All of this happens so fast. One minute you are lying down, the next you are sitting up, then crawling, then walking, then…….words,” he writes.

As if writing the letter is causing the epiphany, Patrick powerfully reflects on the precious time already gone.

“The scariest thing about this is you blink and it is gone, one moment moves onto the next…soon these moments will be memories and a few pictures in an album,” he wrote.

“When did I fall in love with you? From the moment I first met you. I just didn’t know it yet.”

Dads bring with them their own unique parenting style from the recent Cheerio challenge that had us all in fits of laughter to the problem-solvers like US dad Chris Allen, who devised a device to breastfeed his daughter while his wife was at work.

(images via Facebook)

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