Father shares incredible now and then photo of daughter born prematurely

On 3 March 2002, a father welcomed his daughter into the world. She was born four months premature and weighed only 790 grams. It was touch and go for weeks as he sat by her side, crying and praying that his little girl would be okay. As any parent who has had a baby born prematurely knows, this is one of the hardest things to endure.

However, one simple side-by-side photo on Facebook has demonstrated just how strong premature babies really are and how quickly our babies grow into beautiful adults.

Last week Temioloa Sobola posted a side-by-side photo on Facebook of a proud father and his daughter – the photo on the left, when she was brand new and the photo on the right, 14 years later.

And the internet has gone crazy. With over 300,000 reactions and 91,000 comments, it is obviously a photo that resonates with many of us.

Titled “A Father’s Testimony”, the author shares his story of watching his daughter’s struggles as a newborn to her accomplishments as a teenager.


“She weighed 790 grams, not even 1 kg. On seeing her tiny structure inside the incubator, I cried like I never cried before,” the father writes.

However, that precious little girl, who was so small and helpless, has grown into a stunning young woman. As her father, who looks like he has barely aged a day, holds his once-little girl in a giant bear hug, it’s amazing to see the difference. And, as he proudly explains, her rough start to life hasn’t impacted her ability to soar.

“My daughter is 14+ years old now, straight A student, speaks 3 international languages already and she left that Hospital without complications,” the father explains.

It’s an inspirational message and powerful photo for any parent, especially those who do know the pains of having a baby born prematurely. However, this one photo also acts as a reminder that, no matter how old they get, our children will always be our babies. And we will always be there to give them a hug and protect them.

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(image via Facebook)

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