Father delivers baby girl at home… and tweets the entire thing

This is a birth story like no other. Raw. Honest. And less than 140 characters. Follow the tweets that tell Neomi Roger’s incredible birth story through the eyes of the man who delivered her – her dad.

Neomi Rogers may only be a few days old but she is already a social media sensation. Why? First, because her dad delivered her at home without any medical assistance. And second, because Neomi’s dad, Marco Rogers tweeted the whole experience, from the first contraction to the moment he held his precious daughter in his arms.

rogers birth1

This is just a small snippet of Marco’s twitter feed. Read the full story, one tweet at a time on his Twitter page. Let’s just say the experience of childbirth certainly came with a few unexpected twists.

Marco starts off by explaining that his wife, Aniyia (@operaqueenie) was all for a natural hyponobirthing experience so when the contractions started at home, five days before her due date, the couple remained calm and stayed at home, labouring normally for nine hours. Although they contacted the local hospital, they were told to stay home and to continue to breathe.rogers birth3That’s when the fun starts. As Aniyia takes a bath to help with the contractions, her water breaks.

rogers birth 6While Marco is the main story teller, Aniyia does put her two cents in too.

rogers birth 5

The pace of the story increases as Marco tweets the chaos of trying to get Aniyia dressed, the bag packed and his wife into the car before it’s too late. rogers birth 9 It’s too late.

rogers birth 8

When the urge to push comes, it really is too late.  rogers birth 10

Throughout the ordeal, the couple work together, pulling on outside sources when in doubt.

rogers birth 11rogers birth 12

As panic sets in, Marco’s fatherly instincts take over and he manages to safely deliver his baby girl.

rogers birth 14

rogers birth 1

Neomi wasn’t breathing when she was born, but, through the assistance of 911 (the US version of our 000 emergency line), Marco is able to get his baby girl breathing within minutes. rogers birth 13The EMT show up shortly after and the proud parents tweet their first photo of the star of the show.

rogers birth final one

Wow. Just wow! How did your birth compare?

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