Fatboy – luxuriating kid-style!


A big fat cuddly lounge is just what everyone needs after a hard day at work or play.
beanbags are not your typical beanbags. Industrial strength, your
Fatboy will arrive fully loaded with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) cylindrical pieces which will never escape the heavy duty nylon casing. It wipes down easily and withstands all the flopping, snoozing and rough and tumble your wild ones can throw at it.

These beanbags would make a fantastic Christmas present for those with
slightly older children than my youngest. I’d pop them on from age two
or three years, depending on the model chosen. Imagine the delighted surprise when that huge ‘Island’ beanbag rolls in on Christmas Day!

You could grab the smaller size for the kids’ rooms and they’ll be reading and chatting on it for years to come. It’ll probably go off to uni with them! I can see the black Island Fatboy in our lounge room. They could have a kip and watch a favourite movie together.

is now stocking Fatboy Junior products. Prices include shipping to your door. The Junior beanbag comes in lime green, pink, black and turquoise and is $375. The Island beanbag comes in black and is $500. Also check out the giant outdoor hammock!


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