Fashion forward father – Mum lets Dad dress her for a week

What would happen if you let your husband dress you for a week? Would you be afraid to leave the house? Or would you be proud to strut around in his selections? One brave mum put it to the test when she handed the wardrobe reins over to her husband. How did he do ladies?

A few months ago, American mum and blogger, Summer Bellessa allowed her three-year-old son to choose her outfits for five days. The choices were… interesting to say the least. In honour of American Father’s Day this weekend, Bellessa tried her fashion experiment again, but this time with husband Kerry playing stylist.

Husband dress toddler

While toddler Rockwell didn’t give a fig about matching colours, socks or even shoes, Bellessa admits that she was pleasantly surprised at her husband’s choices.

husband dress 6

Bellessa had a busy few days of running errands, playing with the kids, attending business meetings and events and enjoying date night. “Unlike my toddler, the first thing Kerry was concerned about was picking an outfit that worked with what I was planning on doing that day,” Bellessa writes on Babble.

husband dress 5

He went with flats on days when his wife would be running errands, heels for the fancier occasions and even selected outfits based on things he knew she loved, like her black hat, and things he really enjoyed, like a pair of wide legged green pants.

“It wasn’t surprising that most of the things he was drawn to were simple: a little black dress, jeans and a t-shirt, stripes, green colours.”

Husband dress two

Our favourite has to be his pairing of a striped shirt with a hot pink skirt and Bellessa tends to agree.” I hadn’t worn this combo before, but I felt great in it and was really impressed with my budding stylist.”

Husband dress 4

While Bellessa claims she had to veto a few of his first selections on days when she had meetings or events, she writes, “There were a few outfits that I would 100 per cent wear again.”

“It made me happy to see that he does sometimes pay attention to what I wear.”

What do we think ladies? It is a case of like father, like son or did Dad pull off a week of wardrobe wins?

husband dress 3

Would you consider letting your husband dress you for a week? How would he go? Would you be running errands in lingerie or would he select something smashing that you would have never thought to pair?

(via Babble)


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