This fantastic clamshell bed is the most mermaid-y thing ever invented!

clamshell mermaid bed

You will have zero problems negotiating bedtime if you present your child with this cosy clamshell bed! (The hitch is that you’ll need a second mortgage to afford it!) #MoneyWellSpent?


This under the sea-inspired bed, a kind of Little Mermaid lovers dream-come-true, was created by Circu Magical Furniture.

Granted, at a whopping $16,000 US, it’s definitely out of reach of most frugal families, but a little pie-in-the-sky inspiration never goes astray. Plus, you might win the lottery one day. Some people do. We’ve seen it on TV. It’s good to have some ideas on how to spend your prize, right?

Unsurprisingly, some people are most definitely not marvelling at this imaginative and comfy-looking work of clammy genius.

So shelfish

Some people are in fact very, very cross about the mermaid bed and its lofty price.

When parenting site PopSugar posted a clip of the bed to their Facebook page (above), CRABBY people immediately got their claws out. They were snippy. They snapped. They were all at sea.

“That’s ridiculously overpriced. Who’s really being shelfish?? I’m good! I’ll make my daughter an imaginary one out of cardboard if she wants it. Why am I going to invest in something so expensive just to yell about her keeping it clean?? Ridiculous,” one mum shouted. With her keyboard.

“$16k, who on god’s green earth is going to pay 16 grand for this shit?” another said, delicately.

If I have a spare $16k laying around, I’m putting it towards my child’s education. Not some ridiculous, pain in the ass to make, bed that they will outgrow before they are 18 years old. I swear, it’s no wonder most of todays upper-crust youth is so f*&king entitled,” another wrote seething with more seethe than ever has been seethed before.

Yeah. The mums were a bit anti the whole sixteen thousand thing.

Still. The bed’s pretty amazing and the fact that it’s out of reach of most of us need not spark an outrage cascade. We are better than that.


The Little Mermaid-inspired clamshell bed is not the only amazing creation in this company’s range. You can also window-shop for a whole host of other fairy-tale-furniture options –  for your inexplicably well-behaved fantasy child’s imaginary room in your pretend money-is-no-object life!

Let us show you the range…

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If you’d like to delve deeper into this crazily far-fetched furniture, we’re sure the good folk at Circu Magical Furniture would be very, very pleased to show you around.


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