Fanciful Mobiles and Garlands


The handmade offerings from The Butter Flying, a little Etsy shop run by designer Sylvie from Montréal in Canada, are individual yet warm and chic. I know, those are some interesting adjectives to put together but that’s what came to mind when perusing the creations. They’re individual in that I’m pretty positive no one else will have the same mobile or garland on your block – or city for that matter. Warm with the abundance of colours and chic – well, just take a look.

The shop name, The Butter Flying, is vastly original and I couldn’t help but imagine a stick of butter happily flying through the sky. This image fits the mobiles, garlands and wall art perfectly. Pure whimsy.

Sylvie creates all her designs by hand, taking inspiration from various elements including macaroons, clouds, rain, birds and fish. The mobiles are destined to add that touch of magic to any nursery and the garlands would be incredible in any child’s hideaway.

To learn more about The Butter Flying, you can visit its blog. To buy, go to Etsy. Prices range from US$15 to US$30 plus postage to Australia.


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