Famous puppy and toddler have a new napping friend

theo beau and evvie1

Warning – this post contains cuteness overload! Do you remember Beau and his adorable puppy, Theo –  the best friends who shared nap time every day? Well, guess what? Theo and Beau are still napping together… and they have a new addition to the bed.

Little Evangelina (Evvie) joins her big brothers in their synchronized sleep routine and, once again, these images are exceedingly adorable.

Theo and Beau nearly broke the internet last year when mum Jessica Shyba first started showcasing their latest addition to the family. Shyba has explained that three days after bringing Theo home, “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed” began as Theo started to join Beau in his afternoon naps, waiting for Beau to fall asleep before crawling next to him.

theo and beau3

Turns out the Shyba family have been busy since then, with new arrival Evvie now joining in on nap time. Here are some recent photos that Shyba shared on her Instagram account of the threesome taking some time to snuggle up. How cute are they?

theo beau and evie3

But my, how they have grown!

theo beau and evvie2

And, in case you missed these pictures the last time around, here are some of our favourite snuggly sleeping shots of the adorable duo from last year.

theo and beau1

Here they are taking one of their first naps together.

theo and beau 2

And here they are two months later –  we love how much Theo grew in two short months!

theo and beau5

theo and beau4

Here they are now, with baby Evvie thrown into the mix.

theo and beau6

Hands up if you think this may be the cutest thing you’ve seen today?

But wait… there’s more cuteness ahead! Two-year-old Libby and her three-month-old pet pig, Pearl, are also stealing hearts all over the world with these sugary sweet pictures. Pearl and Libby were both adopted by mum Lindsey, a photographer and blogger, who published these adorable photos through Instagram.

libby and pearl2

Libby and Pearl are often posing for photo shoots surrounded by plushy pinks and pastels and we just can’t get enough!

libby and pearl3

Check out the rest of the adorable photos of Libby and Pearl through Live Sweet Photography.

libby and pearl1

The friendship between a child and a pet is often heart-warming. Does your child have a bond with his or her pet? We’d love to hear your adorable child/pet stories and see some pictures too!

(Images via @LiveSweetPhotography, Instagram and @MommasGoneCity, Instagram)

(via Bored Panda)

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