The clever, creative and cute family photos we all need on our walls

We all want a happy family photo adorning the walls of our house. This is a staple in most family homes and a tradition that should be honoured at least once every few years.

But Google “family photo ideas” and you will be bombarded with countless photos, poses and practical advice on how to perfect your family photo.  To say that the sheer number of options can be overwhelming is an understatement, so we have done the research for you and picked out the very best in family photo themes and poses.



1. The ‘Sign’

family photo sign

Adding a sign, such as ‘Family’, ‘Love’ or your surname to the photo is a great way to add a bit more flavour. We love the subtleness of this one. The sign isn’t too big or bold and doesn’t take away from the centrepoint of the photo – the beautiful children and the love shared between the parents.

family photo three

Adding a sign (or four) to the photo can also paint a pretty clear message. This one might be my absolute favourite!

2. The ‘Introduction’

family photo newborn introdu

Sibling shots are extremely popular and I think all parents will admit to having a few of these photos laying around. We love the idea of thinking outside the box with a clever introduction, such as the above photo.

family photo dog

If you want to capture the first encounter between your new baby and fur baby, then this is a classic pose you should be able to master, as long as you have a patient dog (and a few treats on the side of the bed).

3. The ‘Daddy Love’

family photo daddy

To showcase the superness of the men in your family, a classic superhero photo shoot may be more your style.

family photo daddy2

Or, for a photo that touches on both strength and sweetness, you really can’t look past this adorable set-up.

4. The ‘Mummy Love’

family photo mummy1

The bond between a mother and her child is hard to capture. A close-up natural photo where Mum and bub are both giggling and glowing has got to be one of the sweetest ways to highlight this bond.

family photo jenna and jacob

I have some of these shots of my son and me when he was two (he’s now six) and they are probably my favourite photos of all time.

family photo mummy2

Any photo that involves matching outfits is also adorable in our books.

5. The ‘Threesome’

family photo threesome

If you only have one child, then you will want to highlight the love of your little threesome. This photo is a great example, especially with the added heart shape that the parents’ positioning make.

6. The ‘Reflection’

family photo reflect

You may want to play with different angles such as this one, where the family is showcased in the reflection of the water.

7. The ‘Silhouette’

family photo silo

A silhouette photo is another beautiful way to highlight the love of family on a unique background.

8. The ‘Kiss’

family photo five

Another popular way to spruce up the traditional family photo is to include a kiss. We love the photos where the children are the focus of the portrait.

family photo kids in front

After all, when you have kids, this pretty much sums up what life is like. Kids in front. Parents a blur in the background.

family photo upside

Or upside down.

We have a whole gallery of amazing photography ideas for all parents. Check out these adorable photos to announce a pregnancy, the photos all parents have (but prefer not to post) and the photos every new mum needs.

(Top image via Pinterest)


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