Fairy tale holiday destinations to make your travel dreams come true

Attention travel lovers and fairy tale dreamers – these destinations are almost too amazing to believe! And some of these straight-from-a-story-book places are closer than you think.

Sometimes a gal’s got to dream! These beautiful fairy tale inspired places from right round the world will quickly transport you to another realm. Magical forests, mystical cities and monumental castles are only a plane ride away. Or, in a few instances, even closer! So gather your princes and princesses and check out these fairy tale destinations that blend fantasy with reality for your next family holiday.

Sintra, Portugal

Destinations Sintra Pena Palace

Let’s start our whimsical world tour in Europe in the historic town of Sintra, Portugal. With 19th century Romantic architecture in beautiful colours and designs, this city oozes romance, elegance and wonder. The Pena Palace is a must-see tourist attraction for all dreamers. The Palace is one of the seven wonders of Portugal and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as an occasional venue for the President of the Portuguese Republic and other government officials.

Park Guell, Spain

destinations park guell

Next on our tour of fairy tale destinations is Spain. Here is another land of  splendour that will leave you wondering which rabbit hole you fell down. Park Guell, designed by inspiring Spanish architect Gaudi, is a feast for the eyes. With countless steps to walk, caves to explore and eye catching patterns around every corner, your mind won’t know what hit you.

Colmar, France

colmar, france

Next European stop on our tour of delightful lands is Colmar, France, a village straight out of your favourite Disney fairy tale flick. With cobblestone streets, gardens on every corner, bridges adorned with beautiful flora and picturesque buildings, the small city in France will leave you feeling like Belle as you saunter leisurely through the streets.

Destinations Colmar 3

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Destinations neuschtlyn castle

The stunning Neuschwanstein Castle is the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle so it’s no wonder it is a must-stop destination on our fairy tale tour.  This castle, in Germany, was intended to be the private refuge of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and is a rather fine example of Neo-Romanesque architecture, if we do say so.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Destinations crooked forest poland

Our final European destination is the incredible Crooked Forest in Nowe Czarnowo, Poland. Every fairy tale needs an enchanted forest and the Crooked Forest fits the bill to perfection. With spooky trees that sparkle in red and green, it is the ideal location to look for for an evil enchantress or a wicked witch.

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Destinations Wisteria Tunnel

Let’s jump back on our magical jet and explore Australasia, shall we?  The perfect place to park for the day is the wondrous Wisteria Tunnel in Kitakyushu, Japan located in the Ashikaga Flower Park. With glowing colours and beautiful pathways, this is the ultimate in flora fantasy land thanks to 150 different species of Wisteria.

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

Destinations Bamboo Forest

You won’t want to escape the absolute beauty and stunning greenery when exploring the Bamboo forest in Kyota, Japan. Take a guided walk through the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and be transported to another world on mystery and wonder.

Paronella Park, Australia

Destination Paronella Park 2

That’s right ladies and gentlemen- there is a fairy tale destination right here in Australia! Paronella Park is up in Far North Queensland and has five hectares of beauty, tranquillity and history to explore. There’s several mystic walks, the ruins of an old Spanish castle, a gorgeous waterfall and a number of streams, rivers and ponds.

Hunter Valley Gardens, Australia

Destination Hunter Vallery Gardens

Not able to travel very far from home? Then check out the Hunter Valley Gardens in the Hunter Valley, NSW.  There are plenty of picturesque gardens, including the wonderful storybook gardens to take the kids into their favourite fairy tale, for the day at least.

What is the most magical place you have visited?

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