Fabulous Finnish playmats & storage at Minibots

A piece of artwork, or a child’s plaything? Therein lies the beautiful delimma of the RK Design Automatto Playmat.

Finnish design is well lauded for geometric beauty and the simplicity of clever colour placement. The Automatto Playmat certainly packs a punch – looking every bit as comfortable covered in small vehicles as it would hung on a wall. I’m easily won over by toys that enhance a room when they’re not packed away, and this playmat certainly does that.

Automatto playmat

The playmats are available in a black and white option as well as colour and are printed on PVC vinyl mat using eco-colours. That makes them safe for kids and easy to wipe clean. They measure ninety by one hundred-and-thirty-five centimetres – just the right size for a small child to comfortably manoeuvre. They cost $125 each and are available through Minibots.

Varpunen Sacks

We also have Minibots to thank for introducing us to another brilliant find from Finland. These Varpunen Sacks are as funky as they are functional. Once again, the bold, graphic prints make the sacks a stand-out feature rather than something that needs to be hidden away.

Varpunen Sacks

They’re made from PVC-laminated polyester, making them durable enough for use in the wetter areas of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve never seen anything more stunning to store bath toys in. The sacks start at $45, and they’re also available directly from Minibots.

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