Fabric flower craft for kids clothes – project tutorial!

Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor, Murdoch books

Brooch tutorial, handmade decoration

Flowers make everyone happy so with the help of a great book we bring you this brooch tutorial. Adults and older children can pin them to jackets, or turn them in to sewn-on decorations for dressing up girl’s clothes. The finished brooch is about eleven centimetres across.

You’ll need

• five different 14cm squares of scrap fabric

• An 8cm square of a contrast print

• An 8cm square of felt, for backing

• Embroidery threads and needle

• Dressmaker’s chalk or washable pen

• Decorative button

• Brooch back

• Craft glue

What to do:

1. Draw an outline on scrap cardboard for the flower and the centre and cut out for templates.

2. Using dressmaker’s chalk, trace the flower shape onto the wrong side of your five printed fabric squares and cut out.

3. Trace the centre shape onto the right side of the contrast print square, but don’t cut out yet.

4. Using embroidery thread and stitches of your choice, embroider inside the traced centre piece.

5. When all embroidery is done, cut out the centre on the traced line.

6. Layer the five flower shapes, one on top of the other, rotating each layer so that the petals can be seen. Top with the embroidered centre, stitch all the layers together through the middle.

7. Stitch the button in place through middle and tie off at the back.

8. Trace a centre shape onto your felt square, cut out and stitch the brooch pin in the middle.

9. Glue the felt backing circle to the back of the brooch and voilà, you’re finished!

Tip: Use colourful fabrics, find some at Prints Charming’s boutique.

This project and imagery is a snippet of many in the book Prints Charming by Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor. It’s published by Murdoch Books and is $45.

Cath Derksema and Kirsten Junor, Murdoch books

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