Exmobaby Suit – the smart garment to measure baby’s emotions

If I had a dollar for every time I needed to know what my baby son was crying about in the first year of parenthood, I’d be rolling in money. This common parent conundrum could be a thing of the past now that the Exmobaby suit exists.

It’s a baby onesie which looks innocuous enough at first glance, however it’s a super-powered wireless biosensor garment which measure your baby’s temperature, movements and heart rate via sensors built in to the fabric. The information is then transmitted to a computer via a ZigBee gadget, which also sends text messages, and emails in real-time as the data changes.

Whilst only at the testing stage in the US, it is anticipated that the Exmobaby suit will be able to accumulate enough data about your baby, that it will be able to give an indication of his or her current and future emotional states via emotion detection algorithms which measure energy and alertness, as well as mood.

You can find more detailed information ont he Exmobaby smart garment on the website. It’s billed by Exmovere Holdings as safer than being nearby a mobile phone and is for babies up to twelve months of age. It’s fully washable and able to withstand all that a baby puts a garment through in the course of its life.

I’m transported back to those bewildering, exhausting first months with my very unsettled baby and I think I would have embraced something like this with open arms. That said, learning to read the signs of tiredness and hunger in my baby was one of the most rewarding successes I had in that year, and it helped me to bond with my new human. So do you think you would use something like this and it’s an inevitable future for first-time parenting?

(via Gizmodo)

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