Tired mums unite! The exhausting truth about sleep deprivation

“Sleep deprivation. It’s real. It sucks.”

This is the message mum Wendy Wisner posted on her Facebook page last week, sparking tired mums around the globe to share their sleep-deprived moments and to embrace this exhausting aspect of parenting.

If you’re running on empty, then this is one message you need to read.

Wendy Wisner is a mum of two, a lactation consultant and a big supporter of breastfeeding.

She is also tired. Really really tired.

While Wendy makes her mark by helping other mums through the ups and downs of breastfeeding, her latest post on her Facebook page The Wendy House has struck a chord with all mums out there.

Why? Because she tackles something that we understand – the state of sleep deprivation.

“Sleep deprivation. It’s real. It sucks. It causes deep bags under your eyes, dents between your eyebrows, headaches, short patience, stress, sadness. And yet, it’s part of parenting,” Wendy writes. “It’s the stuff of parenting, actually.”

Wendy touches on just why mums are so sleep-deprived. It’s not just because newborns don’t sleep. Sleep deprivation comes from a number of different situations.

“It’s staying up with a snotty, feverish toddler. It’s your baby nursing all night, cuddling into you, remembering again what it was like inside you, safe and warm. It’s your school age child coming into bed with you because of a nightmare, taking your hand, and falling back asleep.”

As Wendy writes, this is “parenting in its most basic, primitive form”.

sleep deprived mum 3

The post has primed mums around the globe to share their own sleep deprived moments and to embrace the dark circles, the blurred vision and the short tempers that come with a lack of sleep.

sleep deprived mum2

The images are raw and powerful – real mums, real babies in real, sleep-deprived situations. The mums all have similar bloodshot eyes and dazed expressions.

But the overwhelming love of the little ones in their arms makes it all worthwhile.

sleep deprived mum1

As Wendy writes, “Sometimes kids just need YOU. It’s exhausting, terribly so, but there’s a sweetness to the suffering. There is the knowledge that there is no one on earth who can do this exact thing for your kids–that they need you this much and you are there, awake, present, loving them, keeping them safe.”

(via Facebook)

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