Enterprising 7-year-old opens lemonade stand, saves profits, buys a pony

Sabastian Lucas from Queensland is a focused 7-year-old, and he’s apparently always been this way.

At age four, he decided he wanted a pony. Instead of begging his mum and dad to buy him one, he did what any entrepreneur would do: He made himself an income by starting a business. In this case,  it was a lemonade and iced-tea stand, selling drinks for 20 cents each.

If you’ve ever seriously entertained the idea of buying a pony for your kid, you’ll know that they’re not cheap. We don’t know how much Sabastian’s pony, Tom cost, but we do know Sabastian saved $3000 towards his goal.

For those doing the maths, that means he sold 15,000 cups of lemonade in three years. If business owners aren’t pushing each other over to hire this kid, we will.

Sabastian’s mother, Juliana Kent posted a video on Facebook documenting the moment when boy and pony first met. Sabastian’s joy is raw and beautiful. He bursts into tears and sobs out the words, “It’s awesome.”

Juliana told ABC, “For three years he kept putting money in a jar and praying to the pony gods … we had to embrace it.”

Sabastian had saved nearly $3000 when she found the 13-year-old pony this month, so she decided it was time for her son’s dreams to become reality.

Not a family to do things by half measures, the Kents have moved from a suburban block to an acreage so that Tom can be close by. Sabastian is learning to ride at the Cedar Lake Equestrian Centre near the Gold Coast and is working hard. “I’m still learning but I can trot and walk as they’re easy, but cantering is hard.”

As for paying for Tom’s health care and saddle, Sabastian has a plan. “I’ll get back to making lemonade to pay for that.”

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