Endless Reader app unlocks “sight words”, the key to fluent reading for kids

With its odd spellings and exceptions-to-the-rule, English has got to be one of the trickiest languages to learn. Endless Reader is an app for first time readers, introducing them to commonly used words to help on the journey to becoming voracious devourers of Harry Potter books and the like.

The Endless Reader app is developed around the idea of “sight words”. Sight words are the most commonly used words in English, and appear regularly in children’s books and at school. Often these words have unusual spellings, defy the technique of sounding out letters, and they can’t be demonstrated with a picture. Words like “the”, “all”, “please” and “very” fall into these categories, and helping kids memorise them so they can recognise them on sight is an essential part of learning to read.

Endless Reader action

The app is fun and engaging, specially designed for young kids. There are no high scores, failures or stresses, and kids can go at their own pace. The purposeful, cute monster characters break up the action, running across the screen, scrambling letters for kids to unscramble, and acting out sentences like “Sherbert can balance the red ball on her nose”.

The app starts with six words in the free version, and there are 12 more letter packs that you can buy individually, or as a lot for $47. It’s expensive for an app to be sure, but if it actually teaches kids to learn, then it’s probably worth it.

Endless Reader is available at the App Store or on Google Play. There are also sister apps like Endless Alphabet, Endless Numbers and Endless Wordplay to try.

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