Encourage better sleep for babies with the next generation Swaddle Grobag

I did it. You probably did too. In fact, 80 per cent of parents use the swaddling technique to help their newborn sleep.  Why? Because swaddling is an ideal way to calm and soothe your baby, mimicking the comforting womb and encouraging a less interrupted sleep.

The Gro Company is about to launch the next generation in swaddling.  Whether you are a swaddling superstar or new to the wonderful world of swaddling, get ready to welcome the Swaddle Grobag with open arms.

Gro Bag 1

Designed by The Gro Company, the leading manufacturer of safer sleep products, and based on the latest medical expertise for safety, the Swaddle Grobag is the first stage in providing newborn babies with a comfortable and content night’s sleep. And it just might be your (and your baby’s) new best friend.

Swaddling is proven to help babies sleep. Not only does it help to soothe them, but it also reduces the risk of constant night waking from the startle reflex. However, it needs to be done safely to avoid associated risks of hip dysplasia and overheating. The Swaddle Grobag is the ultimate newborn safer sleep essential that provides parents with an easy-to-use, safer alternative to swaddling with a wrap or to sleeping with loose bedding.

Gro bag 2

The Swaddle Grobag is suitable for babies from birth to three months of age and can be used in two ways – arms in and arms out. The arms in position allows mums to swaddle safely and easily with confidence. When bub is ready, you can easily make the transition to the original Grobag arms out position.

You can rest assured that your newborn won’t wriggle out of the secure fit. This was one of my biggest problems when swaddling my newborns with a lightweight blanket – no matter how snug they started, they would wriggle their ninja arms out of the wrap and the blanket would usually end up over their heads.

The unique, double-lined chest of the Swaddle Grobag ensures that your baby is swaddled tightly around the chest and the patented curved seams allow unrestricted leg movement, promoting healthy hip development.

Gro bag 3

The Grobag comes with chin and zip guards to prevent rubbing and extra-long flat open zips, for easier night nappy changes. Choose from three soothing neutral tones – rainbow spot, grey marle or pure white – and two fabric weights – light or cosy – for a comfortable night’s sleep year round. The Swaddle Grobag also comes with a room temperature thermometer and a “what to wear” guide to help parents select the right fabric.

Whether you already have your bundle of joy in your arms or are expecting a new arrival soon, consider investing in the Swaddle Grobag. This is one of the most popular sleeping bags on the market and comes highly recommended by many parents, including myself.

The brand new Swaddle Grobag will be available from 1 July 2015 at Toys R Us, Baby Bunting, Sydney Baby Kingdom, Baby Village, Bubs Baby Stores and other leading independent baby stores and retails at $44.95.

Your little one will be snug as a bug … and hopefully the whole household will get some much needed sleep!

(This is a sponsored post for The Gro Company)

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