Emotional video bridges the gap between ideals and reality of motherhood

As a parent, if you’ve ever had one of those days where you’ve thought, “I’m not doing enough,” then this video is one to watch.

Motherly guilt is something that we all feel, especially when trying to balance work and parenting. And, it turns out, this emotion is not only universal but also unnecessary. Just ask our children.

A powerful video, designed as part of a campaign for Van Houton Cocoa, explores the gap between the ideals and reality of working mothers in Japan and will leave you reaching for the tissues – we guarantee it.

The mums may be in a different part of the world but they are going through the same struggles of trying to get their kids dressed, fed and out the door in time for work and school.

While their lifestyle may be slightly different (and colder), their stories and their fears are so strikingly similar:

“Perhaps I’m not doing well.” “It’s better if I can smile, but I’m always yelling.” “I’m far from my ideal of a perfect mother.” “I’m not sure if I am a good role model.” “I get worried.” 

japan video mum1

After interviewing the mums, the video then focuses on the children, asking them questions about their mums. The smiling children answer with innocence and laughter as they describe their mums as “gentle”, “kind”, “smiling” and “happy”.

japan video mum3

As you can imagine, the reactions of the mothers as they see themselves through the eyes of their children are nothing short of beautiful (if you can see clearly through all the tears, that is).

It’s hard to make a video so poignant that it speaks universally to all parents out there, regardless of what country they are raising their children in. But this one manages to not only do that, but also bridges the gap between the notion of an ideal mother and the reality of motherhood and illustrates the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

Even on the days when we get angry at the kids, when we are rushing and when we feel like we haven’t done enough, we all need to tell ourselves this one thing: “Maybe I am doing ok.” 

Because we really are.

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