Emily Skye’s amazing somersaulting belly will give you all the pregnant feels

Emily Skye and partner

The inspiring and hugely popular Queensland fitness blogger uploaded an eye-popping video of her pregnant belly to Instagram – and it will take many a mum back to those roly-poly days of carrying a little human around inside themselves!

The great escape 

“LET ME OUTTA HEEEEERE!” Emily captioned the clip. “It’s party time AAALLLLL the time for this little one – especially all through the night!”

The video features Emily’s belly rolling and undulating, as her baby shifts position within. Followers were quick to recall the same experience when they were pregnant with their babies, with comments of solidarity flowing thick and fast.

“Aww I miss that feeling so much,” one mum wrote.

“Oh goodness!! The memories!” another said.

“It’s like I’m watching the first Alien movie…” one gent posted, revealing that perhaps he hadn’t carried a baby and was maybe a leeeeetle freaked out by the whole gosh-darned thing!

It’s a girl!

When she uploaded the amazing rolling belly video,  7-month-pregnant Emily promised to share the gender of her baby shortly – and invited her fans (500 000+ of whom had viewed the clip) to guess what she was expecting.

“Gender reveal this week! What do you think this little hyperactive karate kid is? GIRL or BOY??” she posted.

Two days later, she was true to her word. Emily donned a pink bikini, partner Declan Redmond and some black Sharpie and pink face paint to share the secret she’d had under wraps – the pair are expecting a little girl!

Growing all over

Emily’s not only growing a baby, these days. She’s also growing a hugely successful fitness business which sees her coming in at number 83 on The Financial Review’s Young Rich List, thanks – in part – to her 2.1 million loyal Instagram followers.

“Global fitness and health star Emily Skye joins the list at No. 83 with wealth of $32 million,” The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the weekend.

“The 32-year-old from the Gold Coast has more than 10 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and describes herself as a “fitness role model” with multiple fitness products.”

It’s obviously happy days for this couple and we’re excited to meet their baby when they’re ready to share.

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It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s truly important in life. So many people find themselves placing great importance on things that really shouldn’t matter. Devoting energy into negative, petty things is such a waste of time. Time that could be spent with loved ones, or doing something that brings true happiness into your life. Life isn’t easy, we all make mistakes, we all go through pain & heartache, & we all have people misunderstand, undervalue, dislike, use & hurt us. Dwelling on these things won’t help anyone. In fact it hinders us from doing things that lead to happiness as well as blinds us from seeing the positive things that are right in front of us. . Things will always happen out of our control but getting perspective can help us realise what’s most important in life & helps us get through those tough times. . Another thing I think helps us overcome negative situations is to appreciate everything we’ve already got & realise things could always be worse – a LOT worse. . I know it’s hard when you’re overwhelmed with pain or stress but I believe having perspective & appreciation both play an important role in being happy. . Whenever I feel down about something it doesn’t take much to make me feel grateful again & to realize things aren’t so bad. . My Man @recdedmond was in the army for 13 years & did multiple trips overseas for long periods of time. Sadly over the years he has lost a number of friends who he considered brothers. Whenever I feel down I remind myself how lucky I am to have him. He quite easily could have had his life taken on one of his trips & I wouldn’t be with him right now having his baby! Nothing can take away the incredible happiness & love I feel with him & our growing baby. Everything is irrelevant & insignificant in comparison to my loved ones – my family & friends. I truly believe that without love I have nothing. 🙏🏼💗 – This is what I live by every single day. . So, you’re having a bad day? Remind yourself of what’s most important & all the amazing people/things you currently have in your life – you’ll probably realise that there is a LOT to be grateful for that all the sh*tty things become trivial. 😊💗 . .

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