Ella’s Kitchen – pure organic baby food


For nutrition and taste innovation in baby food, look to Ella’s Kitchen. Providing organic goodness for the most precious people in your
lives, these snaffle-able meals contain nothing but pure, unadulterated
food. No water, no thickeners, no additives, just delicious
blends of fruits and vegetables in transportable and resealable pouches with no need for cutlery, messy bowls or clogged
up spoons. Just squeeze into baby’s mouth.

There are three kinds of fruit smoothies as well as vegetable-fruit blends
like “carrot, apple and parsnip” and “sweet potato, pumpkin,
apples and blueberries”. Pretty wild!  My youngest is coming up to 6
months of age in April, so I’ve started stocking up on these
already. With a shelf life of 1 year, they’ll last the distance should
one get lost at the back of the pantry.

The fruit ones can
also be used in baking, so they’re great for those emergencies when there’s
no fruit in the fridge. Delicious fruit muffins are made
at least once a week in our house, with my toddler participating every
step of the way. He’s going to love squeezing the pouch and
no doubt sampling its contents!

The company has a child-centered philosophy which espouses passing
on good eating habits to children as part of a sound value system.
With growing obesity and disease rates among the young, this is well worth acting on in our own homes. Sometimes, with the
daily stresses of family life, food is the first thing to suffer.
Parents need to be able to fall back on a convenience product that
isn’t going to compromise the health of their children, or indeed the
tastebuds you’ve spent months cultivating with lovely meals.

Get these yummy scrummy, super healthy organic delights for your baby for $3.50-$4.50, from Ecochild.

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