Eight cute ways to turn your home into a playground

child's teepee and indoor swing

Not sure how to convince your child to tear themselves away from that screen? Here’s a whole bunch of options to get them swinging, splashing and shaking off the couch potato!

Nathalie Lete Teepee

1. Prettily painted teepee

This Nathalie Lete designed beauty is tip top of our teepee wish list. Available locally at Yogee Toys.

Sukha Swing

2. Fancy, schmancy designer swing

Admittedly this is not on the low-pricepoint end of the scale, but it’s pretty gorgeous and perfect inspiration for those of us who fancy an indoor playground at our place. This is by Sukha.

macrame baby swing

3. Macrame, all the way!

This handmade baby swing is not only extremely gorgeous, it’s ethically made AND comes in a variety of colours. It’s from Hang A Hammock.

smiling fish paddle pool

4. Smile and splash with the fishies

This pool is 100 per cent cute AND 100 per cent cool. We’re snapping one up right this minute. It’s from Toys R Us. (Never, ever leave children unattended near this toy.)

kites from ikea

5. Go fly a kite

You can snaffle a pair of colourful beauties at IKEA. Use them as cute decorations or head outside to catch the breeze.

Etty and Boo swing

6. Nautically-inspired swing

This simple, stylish swing is by EttyandBoo (they have other colours and prints, too!)

Skate Swing

7. A skate swing! Wait. What?!

Is it a skateboard? Is it a swing? Well … it’s the kind of swing that makes every little skater happy. This cleverly designed prezzie is by the good folk at Skate Swing.

Cavalcade rocking horses

8. Wild thing rocking horses

If you want to step things up and move away from the usual rocking horse suspects, Cavalcade have these super snazzy and very stylish alternatives. Find out more here.

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