8 ways for mums to twin with daughters… while she’ll still let you

The pre-kids me would have sneered at the idea of twinning with kids. It’s so 80s-family-photo. But family matching has come full circle and it’s cool again. So bring back matching jumpers and dresses, but leave the bad hair in the 80s.

Hubble + Duke x AWB pinafore 2

The key to a great mummy and me matching look is to do a fraternal rather than identical twins thing. Hubble and Duke has collaborated with artist Ashley Woodson Bailey to create a limited edition floral cotton print that’s used across garments for mamas and little girls. There’s a lovely midi-skirt ($220) for mums, and little girls can choose from a pinafore skirt ($70), hooded vest or an adorable baby romper ($70).

Mini Me Bonds sporty

Baby in a Sporty Wondersuit and mum in matching Bonds tights make for the cutest pair of joggers along the Bondi to Coogee beach walk.

Mini Me Dolce Gabbana

Let’s call this an aspirational twinning look because most people don’t spend $2780 on a dress for themselves, let alone $2200 for a dress for their daughter. We can dream though, and Dolce & Gabbana brocade shift dresses are the stuff dreams are made of.

Allora Capes lead

Layering pieces are good for the playground, whether you’re sliding down the slide or watching from the side with your mum mates. Allora makes gorgeous wool and cashmere capes for women and girls. Grown-up styles ($380-425) echo the lines of traditional peacoats and come in black, camel or pale grey. The kids cape ($110) is very Little Red Riding Hood, closed with a row of metal buttons and lined in sweet contrasting fabric.

Mini Me EMMM 2

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh has dipped its toe into the world of adult fashion with its leggings ($59.95). Available in stripes or solids, these leggings are made from the brand’s signature soft cotton jersey. For kids, the leggings options are myriad, but we like the checked skegging ($34.95, skirt-legging hybrid) in pale lavender.

Mini Me Alicia Bell

Alicia Bell and its bright prints and tunic tops has us daydreaming about a beach holiday. Imagine stretching out on a lounge chair in your Hannah cover-up ($123), watching your daughter play in the sand in her Penelope tunic ($32.40). Who are we kidding? In real life you know you’ll be hovering around, poised to snatch her from the tide at the smallest sign of peril. At least the weather will be nice.

Mini Me Gypsy Soul

When slogan tees are done well, they’re awesome, like these matching singlets from Bless My Gypsy Soul. For some babies though (like my youngest), “bed head” should be amended to “bald head.”

Mini Me Melissa Shoes

If you can resist cute jelly shoes that smell like bubble gum, you’re a stronger woman than I. Melissa’s Ultragirl ($98) jelly shoes with their giant bows are irresistibly fun, and for once the grown-up version is cuter than the kids’ ($60).

You’ve got twinning inspiration for getting fit or being fancy. Now hurry and get your outfits before your daughter turns 13 and won’t even walk next to you, let alone wear matching pink shoes with you.

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