Edison Chopsticks – they’ll have it down pat in no time!

My eldest son is pretty hilarious trying to eat with chopsticks at our local Vietnamese restaurant but I’m always so proud of him for trying. Those noodles do tend to escape him and eventually he resorts to the fork.

I will be giving these great Edison Training Chopsticks a try – I’d love to see my boys learn to eat with them at an early age and all it takes is practice, moral support and a helping hand via support rings for little fingers. Mastering chopsticks puts to use more than 50 muscles as well as potentially improving concentration and encouraging a steady pace of eating.

There are plain chopsticks or characters to choose from if you think your child will respond better to the challenge this way. Three sizes make up the range – the Children’s range for children age two to six, the Junior range suitable for age six and up, and the adult range if you have never learned and would like to.

There is also a cute carry set which kids can take to school or restaurants – it contains the training chopsticks, a spoon and a case to put them in. Almost all chopsticks come with the option of left or right-hand orientations, so anyone can learn!

Sets are $15.95 and individual training chopsticks are $9.95 each, plus shipping, from Training Chopsticks.

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