Eco Tanka – re-useable, healthy, eco-friendly


With a lifetime of over a hundred years, yet fully recyclable, the
Eco Tanka
is the perfect alternative to all those
nasty plastic bottles polluting our precious planet. Go for these
sleek, non-porous stainless steel bottles in the full knowledge that
your family’s water will be cleaner and healthier with no chemicals leaching from plastic into the fluid.

Feather light, the bottles are unlined and you can buy an
inexpensive adaptor for an Avent spout to be fitted for babies learning
to drink from vessels other than breast or bottle teat.

Three sizes are available – the ‘Teeny Tanka’ holds 350 ml and takes the spout adaptor for babies. The ‘Mini Tanka’ holds 600 ml and the ‘Sports Tanka’ holds a huge 1200 ml.

You will refill these again and again, and
years down the track, when you think it’s time for a new one, pop it
into the recycling and it will live again in another form!

You can buy Eco Tanka drink bottles and accessories from
Baby Eco Store from $17.30 to $24 plus post. A big thanks
to Amy from Mudd Kids for letting us know about these.

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